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One natural ingredient that can cure any childhood sweet tooth.


One natural ingredient that can cure any childhood sweet tooth.

Amato Gelato

“After World War 2, sugar was a rare and expensive commodity, honey was the only way we could sweeten food.”- Mario L.

As a young boy, Mario watched his father and older brothers tend to bee hives on their family farm. He watched the bees help flourish their land in Italy with beautiful flowers and bright vegetation. 

Amato, Italy, the town where Mario grew up.

Amato, Italy, the town where Mario grew up.

Like a kid to a cookie jar, he would sneak into the bee hives, pull out pieces of honeycomb and taste the honey to satisfy his sweet cravings. If you're anything like me, you'd freeze whenever a bee flies by. Mario on the other hand, has always embraced his bees as nature's little helpers since his early childhood. 

Marios Gelati Honey

To this day, Mario still has a soft spot in his heart for bees and the honey they produce. He owns three urban bee hives in his garden that have provided him with sweet honey and help pollinate the neighbourhood's gardens.

Honey Bees

This was Mario giving a tour of his honey farm, you could see the genuine excitement in his eyes as it brought up his fondest childhood memories.

Mario's Gelati
"I've never been stung, sometimes I don't even wear a fully covered suit," he says, "They're gentle creatures and my neighbours have told me they've noticed a big difference in their garden since I've started the bee farm." 

From this very honey, Mario was inspired to create his three latest flavours, dedicated to the hardworking bees that keep our gardens buzzing:

Honey Rosemary

Honey Lavender

Honey Lady Gray Tea


Do you know someone who has backyard bees? Leave us a comment below and drop by Amato Gelato for free tastings of our three new flavours. Only available for a limited time!