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Goats, sheep and buffalos, oh my! - 3 Dairy Alternatives for gelato


Goats, sheep and buffalos, oh my! - 3 Dairy Alternatives for gelato

Amato Gelato

It all started 20 years ago..

Gelato had traditionally been made with cow’s milk with no questions asked.

Who ever thought Goat, Sheep or Buffalo milk would be a great alternative for gelato? Mario did. 

After many requests from valued customers to make a dairy based gelato that would not cause digestive problems, Mario began researching and experimenting with alternatives to cow's milk.

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or looking to explore new textures, here’s three creamy types of gelato made from alternative milk that we’ve served up over the years

Goat Milk

Goats milk was the first type of alternative milk that Mario experimented with in 1996.

Goat's milk has a lot less lactose and the protein casein than cow's milk, making it an excellent dairy alternative for those who have lower level intolerances.

Not only does it have a taste that people love, but it also provides a boost of nutritional value compared to cow's milk.

The feedback we received after creating our very first batch of goat's milk gelato was overwhelming! People with dairy sensitivities and curious customers who were eager to try something new all loved the unique taste of goat’s milk gelato. 

As a result of its popularity, we have been making it ever since.

Sheep Milk

In 2001, we introduced gelato made with sheep milk!

Sheep milk has an amazing amount nutritional value compared to cow's milk, it has lower lactose levels than cow's milk and a higher level of healthy fats. This makes it a winner in our dairy group when it comes to nutrition value.

While we do love it, it is difficult to obtain, and not readily available.

This is why we churn up a batch for our curious samplers whenever we get our hands on some sheep’s milk!

Buffalo Milk

Three years ago, in 2013, we launched a new line of Gelato made from locally sourced buffalo milk.

Buffalo milk contains more fat, is thicker and creamier than cow's milk, and contains less cholesterol.

Because it’s thicker and creamier option, it creates a wonderfully smooth, rich gelato that is hard to resist.

Buffalo milk gelato is currently being served up in the shop in the following flavours: 

  • Maple
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Vanilla Bean
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Strawberry 

Quantities are limited and it's selling out fast so make sure you come by for a free sample!

Got a question or a suggestion about flavours you’d like to see being made in one of the above types of milk? Let us know here!

Stay tuned for more delicious flavours, innovations and dietary alternatives and don't forget to checkout our vegan, no-sugar and no dairy alternatives here.